IMPORTANT: please note that all payments, substitutions and scratches are made to LH. There has been an increase recently in people contacting event organisers directly to scratch, pay or make substitutions- they cannot do this, and it just makes more work for them. LH is the online entry administrator and everything must go through her. Bank details for payments are available via email.

Adult rowers are encouraged to enter regattas from time to time but should not feel under any pressure to race. Experience suggests, that given the time commitment involved in competing in regattas, especially those held outside Oxford, crew preparation pays off and makes the whole effort more enjoyable. The FRCC Rowing calendar shows regattas that FRCC adults and/or juniors are attending and for which trailering may be available. Attendance at other regattas is possible if considered to be suitable and the necessary arrangements can be made (there is a more comprehensive list on David Biddulph's website). . British Rowing membership is also a requirement.  To ensure the smooth running of the rowing side of the club for all members, the Rowing Captain requests that the following procedures are followed with respect to racing:

The Race Coordinator Lorna Hermes (LH) will circulate all adult members with the deadlines for club entries to each relevant regatta. Applications received by LH after such deadlines can still be entered but regattas may be full, choice of division limited and choice of club equipment cannot be guaranteed . As race coordinator LH is responsible for overseeing the entries made by FRCC rowers and allocation of equipment.

Procedures to follow for making adult race entries and reporting results

  1. All adult race entries for FRCC should be made through the Vice-Captain rowing Mary Heather Crowther (MHC) who will submit them to the Race-Coordinator Lorna Hermes (LH)
  2. For crews of two or more please nominate a representative as the point of contact.
  3. Details required for a race entry to be made are: name and date of the regatta; category of the entry (eg W.Nov  4x-, or the Masters category if applicable - you can use this calculator to work out which category you will be); preferred division; crew names; All equipment that will be required - preferred boat and blades; other equipment e.g. rate meter, trestles, and club trailer. 
  4. For those with their own access to BROE on line entry please follow the above steps and also state if you will be making the entry yourself.
  5. Note all junior race entries are the total responsibility of LH
  6. Queries concerning the following should be sent to to MHC who will consult with LH as necessary: availability of trailer space to regattas shown on the FRCC rowing calendar; attendance and trailer use at other regattas not listed on the FRCC calendar; appropriate category selection

2) LH will confirm with the crew rep (cc MHC) that the entry has been made and into which division(s) also as to the availability of the requested equipment.

3) The crew rep will make a single payment for the whole crew’s entry fee to LH.

4) For regattas listed on the FRCC calendar with traditionally an adult and junior entry, LH will notify members of the deadlines for the FRCC entry which will be at an early stage with respect to the regatta date.

RESULTS: whom to notify

On the day of the race as soon as you know your results please email/text this information (Crew names, category, results, photos) to Dai Howells (publicity/web) who will then ensure that the results, and any photos, are passed to the Sports desk of the Oxford Times so they can be published in that weeks’ paper.  Please bear in mind that the deadline for submissions is Sunday evening.  Photos from regattas can be used on the FRCC website as well, so please submit some whenever possible.


Vice-Captain: Mary Heather Crowther   (07766253556)

Race Coordinator: Mary Heather Crowther   (07766253556)

Publicity/Web: Dai Howells         (07900050094)



Trailer bookings should be made to LH as soon as the date of the race is known. In some cases, there may be date clashes, in which case the group with the fewest boats will be asked to look into sharing a trailer with another club/make alternative arrangements. Bookings should be made via email and the above spreadsheet will be updated as soon as is reasonably practical.