New clubhouse - a fresh start

Falcon has grown substantially over the past ten years and needs a new clubhouse even more than ever. The economic downturn since 2008 has unfortunately greatly limited the funds that are available from grant giving bodies with the result that despite a tremendous amount of effort from those making applications we have failed to raise the substantial amounts necessary.

At an EGM in the autumn 2016 it was decided that we needed to make a fresh start with a new, dedicated working group. Approximately 12 members from across the club and with a wide range of suitable skills volunteered to get involved. These have now formed a number of sub-groups working on all the aspects of the new development: legal, planning, fund raising etc.

We need your help

As a Club the best way we can move forward with improving our facilities is to help ourselves. Gaining access to substancial grants has proved very difficult and whilst these efforts continue our chances of succeeding will be greatly increased by raising our own funds. We have a start but we will need to do much more.

The Club House Development Committee is currently re-assessing the requirements of new facilities, taking a start-from-scratch approach to the design. We will soon be able to propose options to the General Management Committee based on the expressed wishes of the majority of the Club and the chances of success. In order to move on from deciding how to fund raise and what to design to a construction project we must have the support of the whole Club.

To succeed we must encourage all members to pledge support. Many small actions can soon add up to significant gains. For example, this may be in the form of:

  • A direct donation of money
  • Sourcing sponsorship from local companies or individuals
  • Personal sponsorship of a challenge Ideas for ways to raise revenue
  • Provision of expertise Raising awareness of the project

If you have ideas to add to this short list or if you have any way to help and support please get in touch with anyone on the committee 

Together, as a club of rowers and paddlers we can make this project happen if we all pull together.

The clubhouse committee members

  • Nick Barnett
  • David Waters
  • Jeff Bethray
  • Debbie Hunter
  • David Salvesen
  • Jamie King
  • Roger Tritton
  • Trevor du Plooy
  • Charlotte King
  • Andrew Solway
  • Dennis Stormont
  • Ben Haynes
  • Nick Kay